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The character was credited by former head of BBC Drama Serials, Mal Young, as "anchoring the success of the anniversary storyline", and was described on the news programme BBC Breakfast as the "centrepiece" of the show, with the on-screen drama playing out over the course of the year and culminating in Chrissie's departure in December.

Martin admits to Sarah that he has made a mistake as he is married, and Sarah seems to back off.Alfie agrees to let Wilfred leave, but when he hugs Wilfred he feels a sharp pain, and opens Wilfred's jacket to reveal William's medals. Alfie does not want to have to break the news to his grandmother, so he takes Wilfred back to the pub, where he confesses to stealing the medals.Nana reveals that she knew all along and forgives Wilfred, but he flees Walford along with £30,000 that he has conned out of Pat Evans (Pam St. Chrissie Watts, played by Tracy-Ann Oberman, first appears in April 2004 as the second wife of the show's "most enduring character", Den Watts (Leslie Grantham), becoming a prominent regular for the next 18 months.In 2005 she is the focus of one of "the programme's biggest and most high-profile narratives" when she kills her husband in a fit of rage during the special 20th anniversary episode.The broadcast, airing on 18 February, was watched by 14.34 million people, with "almost 60% of possible viewers" tuning in to see Chrissie take revenge.she needs to get an alcohol license, but Community Centre manager Derek Harkinson (Ian Lavender) is unable to obtain one due to a previous criminal conviction for growing cannabis.

Jill Green, played by Elizabeth Rider, is a nurse who works at Walford General Hospital.Patrick's stepson Paul Trueman (Gary Beadle) takes a dislike to JJ and is suspicious of him.When Yolande offers to wash JJ's jacket, he is evasive and it is revealed he stole some jewellery from her.Brett took maternity leave in 2011 Jane keeps David a secret from her new boss Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), but one day Ian demands to know why she is infrequent with her work, and Jane takes him to meet David.Ian regularly visits him until David dies on New Year's Eve 2004, leaving Jane heartbroken, as she had had sex with Ian prior to his death.Paul informs JJ's social worker, Mattie George (Chizzy Akudolu), who arrives to collect JJ and reveals he is only 14 and has run away from care.

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