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In recent years the trend in critical scholarship has been conservative, to recognize more rather than less Gospel material as having a historical basis.

The content and purpose of John's Gospel are sufficiently distinct to put it in a class by itself. All four of the Gospels are selective accounts of the life and work of Jesus Christ, whose "career was destined to change the history of the world more profoundly than that of any other single individual who ever lived." "The Gospels are the most important part of Holy Scripture because all that preceded them led up to them, and all that follows emerges from them.

Some scholars have devoted much time and attention to the study of the other sources the evangelists may have used. Lessing became known, in which he argued for a single written source for the Synoptic Gospels.

They are the "source critics" and their work constitutes "source criticism." Because source criticism and its development are so crucial to Gospel studies, a brief introduction to this subject follows. He called this source the Gospel of the Nazarenes, and he believed its writer had composed it in the Aramaic language.

There is internal evidence (within the individual Gospels themselves) that the writers used source materials as they wrote.

The most obvious example of this is the Old Testament passages to which each one referred directly or indirectly.

They viewed the writers not simply as compilers of the church's oral traditions, but as theologians who adapted the material for their own purposes.

They viewed the present Gospels as containing both traditional material and edited material.

Some of them believed there was a written source, but others held it was an oral source. It supposedly contained the material in Matthew and Luke that does not appear in Mark. Typically, oral communication has certain characteristic effects on stories.

As one might expect, the idea of two or more sources occurred to some scholars as the best solution to the synoptic problem (e.g., H. Gradually, source criticism gave way to "form criticism." The "form critics" concentrated on the process involved in transmitting what Jesus said and did to the primary sources. It tends to shorten narratives, to retain names, to balance teaching, and to elaborate on stories about miracles, to name a few results.

There is a good aspect and a bad aspect to this view.

Positively, it recognizes the individual evangelist's distinctive purpose for writing.

To him, one original source best explained the parallels and differences between the Synoptics. Some favored the view that Mark was one of the primal sources, because over 90 percent of the material in Mark also appears in Matthew and or Luke.

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