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Her insides were in knots and she does not know what is happening to her but she knows that she aches for him in ways she couldn’t understand. Shin Hye’s eyes pleaded, her kisses turning frantic, the knot she had felt below her gut earlier had turned tighter and tighter and she felt like any time soon she’s going to explode and this scares her. He saw the momentary panic in her eyes for a flash of a second as he entered her and her sharp intake of breath but he had been lost to the sensation.

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With a deceptively steady hand he slowly ran the tips of his fingers down her alabaster smooth back pausing for a second or two before running it’s way back up again tracing her spine up to her nape and down again as it lingered on the cleft at her back and slowly caressed and cupped her bottom. Shin Hye sighed and like a cat stretched her neck and her body languidly. It was almost like a surrender, a shrugging of a load that had only minutes ago weighed heavily on those slight shoulders.The onslaught of sweet sensation became almost too much to bear and when Keun Suk’s hand found the burning center of her desire, all that she can do was to grasp and hold on to his shoulders and moan.Those strangled sweet cries of pleasure from her were by far the sweetest sound Keun Suk has ever heard, a fuel that further ignited the fire in his loins, his desire running wild.So strange the feeling of being touched intimately and yet feel like you’ve come home, that everything’s as it should be. She did not waste time to question or to even wonder why. Shin Hye cringed and turned her head towards the window behind Keun Suk as he wrapped his arm tightly around her.With her eyes held under his gaze Keun Suk slowly turned Shin Hye around to face him.Keun Suk was immersed in the smell, the feel and the taste of Shin Hye but he wanted more.

Taking off the last of Shin Hye’s inner garments it was Keun Suk’s turn to struggle for breath, his eyes narrowed as he gazed down at her, eyes worshipping the sight of a flushed and panting Shin Hye eyes glazed with need.

Keun Suk started kissing her cheeks, her eyes, her ears. She felt his teeth and his tongue on the pulse at her neck tasting her.

He nuzzled her shoulders as his hands caressed her body in places she never thought could feel that way, sending tingles up her spine, winding the knot below her gut tighter.

Keun Suk engulfed one coral peak then the other subjecting each to slow, sweet alternating torture drawing waves of cries from Shin Hye who arched her back moving towards the source of her pleasure.

When the sweet sensation proved to be too much though, Shin Hye twisted her back trying to pull away from the searing tingle but suddenly stopped as Keun Suk mouth clamped down on one now rosy tip and started drawing it in, his hand inching down her back molding her buttocks, sliding down her thighs, and the back of her knees before caressing his way back up.

Shin Hye closed her eyes tightly wrapped in the sensation of his touch and whimpered.