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This is very unusual, and can be a good indicator of paranormal activity.

I had a strange experience once while living in an old two story dwelling.

It can tell you the exact temperature, and in what direction the cold spot moved.

If apparitions (ghosts) are reported in a certain area, take photos of the area. CAUTION: Sometimes orbs can be caused by dust or light reflecting off the camera lens or flash.

A digital infrared camera can be used to capture images that are invisible to the human eye.

Unexplained cold spots are classic haunting symptoms.

Areas with high paranormal activity generally have strong electromagnetic fields.

Use an EMF meter to measure the electromagnetic fields at your target location.I did not see anything but undeniably heard the sound so very close to me. Months later, one roomate moved out and we subleased the room to a guy that confessed to me of objects moving in the house.Could the "patting of the feet" be a sign of resentment? Yes, disembodied sounds (such as the patting of feet) could possibly signal paranormal activity.Be sure to account for natural, man-made causes before automatically assuming that all orbs are paranormal.You can test for paranormal activity by capturing EVP audio recordings.The fact that your roommate mentioned moving objects is interesting.

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