Wick parsons the dating doctor

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Wick parsons the dating doctor

Later in the 19th century there were small regional publications dealing with single individuals of local interest.Examples of such works include Frances Blair's 32-page Memoir of Margery Jackson, the Carlisle miser and misanthrope (Carlisle 1847) and in the United States the 46-page Lochy Ostrom, the maiden miser of Poughkeepsie; or the love of a long lifetime.

Those with wealth are in need of the prayers of the poor for their salvation and can only earn them by acts of charity.In the Christian West the attitude to those whose interest centred on gathering money has been coloured by the teachings of the Church.From its point of view, both the miser and the usurer were guilty of the cardinal sin of avarice and the two were often confounded.An authentic biography of Rachel Ostrom who recently died in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., aged ninety years, apparently very poor, but really wealthy (Philadelphia 1870).A typical late example of Christian doctrine on the subject is the Reverend Erskine Neale's The Riches that Bring No Sorrow (1852), a moralising work based on a succession of biographies contrasting philanthropists and misers.

Running parallel has been a disposition, inherited from Classical times, to class miserly behaviour as a type of eccentricity.

In the third section of that novel, Mr Boffin decides to cure his ward Bella Wilfer of her obsession with wealth and position by appearing to become a miser.

Taking her with him on a round of the bookshops, Mr Boffin would say, 'Now, look well all round, my dear, for a Life of a Miser, or any book of that sort; any Lives of odd characters who may have been Misers.' ....

A servant whose home was a damp Edinburgh cellar without either bed, chair or table, his colleagues and neighbours claimed to have seen him in the same threadbare clothes for 15 years.

After his death, property to the value of more than £3,000 was found in the cellar, some in the form of property deeds, and more in bank receipts.

Two more of the misers mentioned made their way into other literary works.