Wild turkey predating farm crops

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Wild turkey predating farm crops - Bebi sexi video chat

I later identified the plants as garlic mustard (), an herb native to Europe.The plants I was seeing at the conclusion of my turkey hunt were second-year plants.

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The reverberation of distant thunder was what scientists would call a “tactile sound”—it could be felt as well as heard.The turkeys heard the owl and responded in what I imagined was a rebuke to a predator who threatened them while they were chicks.The toms, now pushing 20 pounds and armed with inch-long spurs seemed to say, “Try to swoop in and grab us now!I headed down the ridge, across the creek bottoms and straight up the far ridge.But by the time I made it halfway up, the woods fell silent. Birds would answer my calls then drift away into the dogwood blooms and early morning fog.The second year, the plants push up tall, slender stalks and produce flowers.

These flowers can yield large quantities of seeds, which can remain viable in the soil for years.

On private land you should share your plans with the landowner and explain the importance of controlling non-native invasive species before you pull the first weed.

You also must be certain you have correctly identified any plants before trying to control them.

I want to stress the importance of knowing the laws for destroying vegetation where you hunt, especially if you hunt public land.

If you are unsure, then you should speak with the game biologist responsible for your area.

When pulling, you should remove all the root structure and, if possible, bag the plants rather than leaving them on-site.

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