Wild turkey predating farm crops

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Wild turkey predating farm crops - consolidating debt affects credit

I later identified the plants as garlic mustard (), an herb native to Europe.The plants I was seeing at the conclusion of my turkey hunt were second-year plants.

His own beautiful sounds carried through the woods, so I slipped my call back into my pocket and listened.” Unfortunately, the gobbles weren’t ahead of me as they should have been.The plan had worked perfectly except for one key element: The turkeys hadn’t stayed put on the ridge like I thought they would.The result can be a uniform stand of garlic mustard with greatly reduced species diversity.Wildlife managers will tell you that diversity is essential for species, like whitetail deer and wild turkeys.To make matters worse, studies have shown that garlic mustard produces chemicals that inhibit the growth of other plants, including tree seedlings.

Poisoning the competition and cranking out thousands of resilient seeds is a proven formula for success.

Garlic mustard is a biennial, meaning it takes two years to complete its life cycle.

The first year there is only a ground-hugging cluster of heart-shaped (some would argue kidney-shaped) leaves.

When pulling, you should remove all the root structure and, if possible, bag the plants rather than leaving them on-site.

The day I was pulling, I was in a remote spot and there were lots of plants, so I piled them in a single location to reduce the risk of spreading seeds.

Standing on my back porch, I could see ominous clouds building over the western ridgeline.