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However, the Colonel operating the system becomes suspicious of Fi's mother when she denies she has any children, but her husband admits they do.

Dwayne hears Garth discuss a disturbing incident involving another woman.

One episode that aired in 1990 was one of the first American network television episodes to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The original premise was to have a white student there and have Lena Horne as an acting teacher, but in production, the premise changed from being a story about a white girl in a black college to a black girl (Denise Huxtable) in a black college with a white friend.

The teenagers have to deal with the consequences of their town and country being invaded.

As they manage to avoid capture by soldiers, Lee is shot in the leg and Robyn manages to hide him away as they await help.

Flattered at the attention, Whitley befriends the little girl, but when it becomes clear that she's trumping Denise as a role model, Whitley has a change of heart, steps back and gently persuades Rudy to return to her sister.

In season two, the episode titled "No Means No" deals with date rape.Their parents and fellow townspeople have been taken hostage and kept as prisoners at the local showgrounds.Managing to escape the invading army, the group come to terms with the fact that they are at war.Later at a dance, Garth goes off alone with Freddie and attempts to rape her, but Dwayne finds them and fights Garth.At the end of the episode, Walter takes Garth to the police station for his assault on Freddie and the rape of the other woman.Allen was in favor of having a young pregnant student in the show, but Cosby said that Lisa Bonet may be pregnant but not Denise Huxtable.