Zelda online dating game

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Intended to curb piracy and to a lesser extent online cheating.

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A game enemy that chases the player has artificial intelligence, while an enemy that simply paces backward and forward does not.

Usually involves looking in the game’s manual to get a certain password. Demo (1) – A free and incomplete version of a piece of software (not necessarily a game) distributed to increase awareness and interest in the full product. Demonstrates a new or technically impressive programming feat in a small amount of memory or disk space. Very often just a cheap way of getting money from suckers who have to conspicuously consume everything in sight.

The manual, of course, is only available to people who legitimately purchased the game. Especially irritating when they charge you real-life money for content that is already on the game disc.

Copy protection was very common in the 80s and early 90s until internet cracks made it obsolete. Cover-based – Popularized by , this is a mechanic in first- or third-person shooters that is exactly what it appears to be: Hiding behind walls (usually waist-high concrete ones) and occasionally poking your head out to shoot at enemies. Dating Sim – A subgenre of simulation games centered around simulating romantic social interaction. In the West, the term is often used interchangeably with “visual novel.” They often, but not always, contain overtly sexual or even pornographic content. Incredibly, there are still legions of morons financially vested in the practice who defend this. A build that creates the most efficient killing possible.

Differentiated from other shooters in which the player is usually a near-invincible Rambo who guns down enemies by the thousands. While this could describe any role-playing game on a computer, it typically connotes a Western-originating RPG with open-ended gameplay, as opposed to Japanese RPGs which tend to be more linear. Most important in MMOs, MOBAs, and real-time strategy games.

Abandonware – The sketchy gray area between piracy and legitimate ownership.

Abandonware games are those that have long been discarded and/or forgotten by their creators.DRM – Digital Rights Management (that’s newspeak if I ever saw it).The process by which access to a game is arbitrarily limited by the creator.Typically used in fighting games but can occur in any type of game where moves can be done in quick sequence.Copy Protection – A barrier placed either at the start of a game or early in it for the purpose of frustrating pirates. The computer-controlled introduction in the title screens of games such as or many early arcade titles. Demo (3) – A program that represents no product per se, but is a demonstration of the technical chops of the creator by pushing boundaries of hardware limitations. Can range from frivolous junk like new costumes to actually useful things like new levels and characters.Dummy, Dummied – Information that has been removed from the game but still remains hidden in the game’s files.